Fuck it…


I currently have $84.89 in my bank account. I just ate microwave popcorn for breakfast and washed it down with chocolate milk. Good morning, adulthood. 

I reside near the ghetto outside of an Army base with my fiance where people come to my door asking for money in (clearly fraud) breast cancer awareness buckets and “borrow” things from cars in the parking lot.

I have been unemployed for the past 8 months. Wow…you realize that’s far too long when you physically write that down.

I bet you’re wondering why are you reading my blog right now. I’m clearly a misfit toy. Perhaps I’ve made you (Hi mom!) or perhaps it’s by chance. Well you’re in luck. Here you will discover the tragic comedy of the life of a twenty-something year old millennial. Grow up they said. It will be fun they said…

If you enjoy the following things, then send me witty messages and cat videos. If not, I’ll still accept cat videos…

  • Coffee
  • Yoga
  • Food & cooking
  • Humor, especially crude and dark
  • Fitness
  • Netflix
  • Cats
  • Army life
  • Alcohol…lots of alcohol
  • Misadventures & stories that make you feel better about your life
  • Random musings




Author: Face First

Stumbling through adulthood one misadventure at a time

5 thoughts on “Fuck it…”

  1. hi! i am about to turn 20 soon….so i feel like i can relate to the whol “hello adulthood!” concept. I cannot wait to read more and I also love netflix and cat vidoes, humor and yoga! I think we will get along just great! 🙂


  2. I’m going to break those cat videos up with something a little different. Shit can seem mad hopeless in this young adult wasteland but you seem savvy and bright enough to get where you wanna be soon enough 🙂 If you follow me I’ll reciprocate the generosity. Keep it breezy, fam.


  3. Just got sucked into reading your blog for the last few minutes. Can’t help remembering the book “Generation X” by Douglas Coupland – look it up if you get the chance.


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