Red Bull & Roadtrippin’

Becoming a stripper seems more and more appealing as the days pass. 


When you spend 10 hours traveling in a car by yourself, your brain travels to strange places. Here are the inner workings of my mind…MUAHAHAHA…

  1. When are self-driving cars going to be in affordable existence.
  2. Atlanta will shit on your dreams. Due to a multi-car accident (including a tractor trailer), an 8.5 hour trip turned into 10 HOURS! Although, I felt grateful that I was not a part of that accident because had I left 20 minutes earlier, I could have been in it instead of driving by it.
  3. Isn’t it kind of fucked up that people get so pissed about a traffic back up due to an accident when someone could be possibly dying? I am guilty of this offense as well, but still…why are we such assholes.
  4. Goodbye highway friend from Tennessee who hearts her Corgi.
  5. 18 wheelers are death traps…very Final Destination-esque.
  6. Why are there really no healthy eating options on the road…especially in the South…
  7. Red Bull is a magical elixir.
  8. I really need to make some new musical discoveries. Suggestions welcome!
  9. Maybe I should stop at a strip club. It is something I’ve always wanted to cross off my bucket list…maybe on the way back to GA…I don’t have any cash on me. Plus, I would need to put in some research on the best option.
  10. Stripping really seems like a grand idea at this point in my life. Being naked is a non-issue…clothes are truly a body prison. I would sacrifice a little bit of dignity to make 6 figures a year. Strippers have figured this whole life thing out…kind of.
  11. I’m going to blog about these thoughts.


Part II pending…


Author: Face First

Stumbling through adulthood one misadventure at a time

5 thoughts on “Red Bull & Roadtrippin’”

  1. I chuckled reading this. I must say that I’ve had at least seven of these thoughts within the past week. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with these random thoughts.

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