Cute or obsessed…I don’t know…but definitely crazy.

Obviously, I miss my fiance who, as you all know, is currently at Ranger School…dun dun duuunnn. Instead of wallowing in self pity and sobbing every day, I’ve decided to make myself (and Alex, eventually) laugh instead. One morning last week, a brilliant idea came to me out of nowhere…ORDER A CUT OUT OF ALEX’S HEAD AND TAKE HIM ON ADVENTURES!! Below are the escapades we’ve been on recently. I think I’m hilarious.

20160505_183942 (1)
Alex looking fabulous in this wedding gown…really accentuates his cleavage. He helped me say yes to my dress, which is not pictured above.

Romping around the Yew Dell botanical garden.
We really had a great time…
Alex on Derby day!
Just a picture of Alex and I on Derby day…with my fashionable fascinator.
Hammock chillin’


We laughed…we cried…we had some swell times and imbibed many drinks.

By late Thursday night or in the wee hours of Friday morning, I will have received a call from Alex!! Then I will know if it is on to Mountain Phase or time to redo Darby phase. Until then, Alex and I continue our adventures…


Author: Face First

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