Netflix & Chill

Why live a life of moderation when you can binge instead?

What should I watch next? A question I find myself asking after I binge all episodes of my latest show addiction at that time. I am both proud and ashamed of the total hours of Netflix I have consumed in my short lifetime. I am without a doubt a sucker for a great, addicting television series. I have decided to post a list of my absolute favorite shows (in no particular order). YOU’RE WELCOME!

  1. Friends (Netflix) friends-thanksgiving-monica-turkey-head-joey.gif
  2. Game of Thrones (HBO)527d176a-2b46-40fa-820f-bf4705a890a0.gif
  3. Sons of Anarchy (Netflix)time-he-doesnt-give-sht.gif
  4. Girls (HBO) girls.gif
  5. Shameless (Showtime) tumblr_mgyhrpizwf1qmlqnpo1_500.gif
  6. The Walking Dead (Netflix) 17h4jfbopy7d4gif
  7. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) tumblr_nzj2x6I2EL1v20qe5o1_500.gif
  8. New Girl (Netflix & Hulu) tumblr_mu26hbNmn31qao9b8o4_250.gif
  9. The Killing (Netflix) The-Killing-yin-yang-by-renatamagolithings475x267.gif
  10. Breaking Bad (Netflix) breaking-bad-gif-walter-white-1180417.gif
  11. Jessica Jones (Netflix) jj quotes8.gif
  12. Bloodline (Netflix) 3c4aaa80-c3a4-0132-4596-0ebc4eccb42f.gif
  13. Making a Murderer (Netflix) making-a-murderer-1

Just in case you’ve exhausted all of the options above, here are a few series that I’m on the fence about.

  1. Fear the Walking Dead (Netflix) giphy.gif
  2. The Blacklist (Netflix) tumblr_n6ghw5ZKU31snnfv8o1_500.gif
  3. Better Call Saul (Netflix) giphy (1).gif
  4. How I Met Your Mother (Netflix) tumblr_m0dd9vSCBy1qic3ieo1_500.gif

And lastly, here are shows that I’ve heard great things about, but I just can’t seem to hop on board yet…

  1. Narcos (Netflix)
  2. House of Cards (Netflix)
  3. Penny Dreadful (Netflix)
  4. Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

At the moment, I am beginning the Netflix series Grace & Frankie, which is hilarious so far, but PLEASE send me recommendations of fricken’ awesome shows. I’m getting desperate…


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