Let me preface this by saying I’m awesome.

I got pretty flippin’ amazing news last Friday…Alex passed mountain phase!! Right now he’s in the FINAL phase of Ranger School, swamp phase. It was a surreal moment when I heard his voice for the first time in weeks. The phone call was brief and I was so flustered that I spent most of it half crying and half blabbering.

Now, onto the part where I show you how awesome I am…


The first box was the care package I created for Alex for his mountain pass. The other box is my new masterpiece that I crafted for the ride back to GA at the end of swamp phase (given that he passes, which he will because he’s a superhero…).

If all else fails, I guess I could start a sweet Etsy page. Which one do ya’ll like better??


Making a cat tent was the best life decision I’ve made in a long time


My mom’s boyfriend in a tunnel playing with Daryl (above) and Steve Martin (in red tent). Crazy Caturday night WOO…

I am VERY allergic to cats, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring their all encompassing glory. They are fuzzy, adorable, little sociopaths. Continue reading “Making a cat tent was the best life decision I’ve made in a long time”